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Fair Payment Policy

We understand that finances can be a tricky thing to navigate. For this reason, Soft Lavender upholds a Fair Payment Policy that protects and honours both parties in a project agreement.

How We Handle Late Fees

A late fee of 5% will be charged for each month that the client has not made full payment towards their invoice. A grace period of 3 days is offered to all clients. The grace period begins after the due date—or in other terms, on the first date of the invoice being overdue. Within this time, an accommodation request should be made to avoid the accrual of late fees. If no accommodation has been requested within this time, a late fee of 5% will be applied after the grace period ends, and will continue to accrue each calendar month.

Compassionate Concern & Accommodation Requests

All late fees will be waived in the event of a compassionate situation, included but not limited to: financial struggle, job loss, grief, and physical or mental illness. The client must notify us of inability to pay their invoice before or within the 3 day grace period. Personal details of the client’s situation are not required to be shared, in honour of the client’s privacy and dignity. The client can either request: 1) an accommodation for a payment plan unique to their needs, or 2) an extension can be granted in the event of indefinite circumstances.

There is no limit to how many times a client can make an accommodation request, and it is up to both parties to work together respectfully and compassionately to form a reasonable agreement. Soft Lavender Co. will hold the final decision on when an invoice should be fulfilled, and may decide to waive the invoice completely after a compassionate period, or request for the invoice to be paid in full by a specified date.
Do you know a BIPOC in need of design services?

Are they struggling with the financial burden of hiring a designer? Please share this page and give them the opportunity to get their dreams off the ground. We can all enable each other to do better and reach further by offering a helping hand.

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