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Soft Lavender Co. is proud to serve its community as an always affordable, always accessible agency. Established in 2019, the agency was developed in response to the rise of young Black women and femme-identified folks looking to launch professional businesses and solidify their online brands.
Due to important socio-economic factors, many of them have had to balance other priorities which prevent them from having access to affordable, high quality branding and design services. Soft Lavender Co. strives to bridge the gap—giving students, young mothers, emerging artists, and low-income practitioners an opportunity to make their dreams visual.
If you are a BIPOC looking to launch a project, or take your existing brand to the next level, please inquire about community pricing in your service request. I will do my best to offer a sliding scale of services within your budget.
Do you know a BIPOC in need of design services?

Are they struggling with the financial burden of hiring a designer? Please share this page and give them the opportunity to get their dreams off the ground. We can all enable each other to do better and reach further by offering a helping hand.

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